Disciples of Christ... What We Believe

We are a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  We are known for our emphasis on the New Testament.  We are a church strong on freedom and diversity – which is reflected in our different beliefs and life styles.  We believe that Christians can determine through study and prayer what God requires. 

We believe “In Essentials, Unity; In Opinions, Liberty; in all things, Love”.  Our aim is not to be the only Christians but to be Christians only, being a party of the spiritual body of Christ.

Our mission is to share the good news of Jesus Christ; witnessing, loving, and serving.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), while founded on American soil in the early 1800s, is uniquely equipped to live up to its identity that it is a "movement for wholeness in a fragmented world." The denomination was born in the 1800s, and continues to be influenced by its founding ideals of our unity in Christ with openness and diversity in practice and belief.

The Disciples Vision, Mission, Imperative and Covenant statement calls the communion to be a faithful, growing church that demonstrates true community, deep Christian spirituality and a passion for justice.

The denomination now counts about 700,000 members in the United States and Canada in about 3,700 congregations. Numerically, the strength of the Disciples of Christ runs in a broad arc that sweeps from Ohio and Kentucky through the Midwest and down into Oklahoma and Texas.

Our Beliefs



While not given to defining God, Disciples think of God as Creator and as revealed through the life of Jesus Christ.  There are no set beliefs about God—all experience the deity differently.  Disciples affirm the reality of God in the world but resist temptation to enclose God in human definition.

- Gen. 1:1; II Cor. 5:19; John 4:7-8; Ex. 3:14-15; John 1:1-3, 14

Jesus Christ

Fully man, fully God, the historical facts of his life reveal the human Jesus, the presence of God in this man adds a dimension identified as Christ, which we must accept as faith, not fact.  The joining of God with man in the person of Jesus Christ forms the very heart of the Christian faith.

"No Creed, but Christ!"  Disciples believe that faith in Jesus Christ is a personal faith.  Both the Campbells and Stone taught that creeds were irrelevant and that scripture alone was sufficient for faith in Jesus Christ.

- Matt. 16:15-16; John 1:14; John 20:31; John 14:9; and, Colossians 1:15-20.


Disciples generally believe that baptism is an act by which a believer enters into the church universal. Baptism is for mature individuals who are old enough to make their own decisions. The act is usually by immersion in water as the accepted New Testament practice. Baptism serves as a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to discipleship. Baptism also serves as symbolic of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, and of faith in life to come.

- Romans 6:4

The Lord’s Supper/Communion

For Disciples, communion is the heart of the worship experience. Disciples celebrate at the Lord’s Table in remembrance of Christ and Christ’s life on earth. It serves as fellowship, drawing the congregation closer together. Communion is thanksgiving for forgiveness of sins and renewal of life and dedication to Christ’s way. The Lord’s Supper is celebrated on Sundays and special occasions. It is administered by lay people and all Christians, of any denomination, are welcome to participate.

- 1 Corinthians 11:24



We are Disciples of Christ,

a movement for wholeness

in a fragmented world.
As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all

 to the Lord's Table as God has welcomed us.

Disciples Statement of Identity

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