The Board & Elders

As a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we are a part of a denomination that is based in Indianapolis, Indiana with churches throughout the United States and Canada.  We are a congregationally based church, which means that all decisions ultimately are decided by the congregation.  The congregation elects Elders and Deacons and Representatives who serve on the Church Board.  The Church Board also selects individuals from the church to serve on standing committees.  These committees make decisions that are approved by the Board and if necessary are approved by the congregation.



The Board

Wallace Blakely Dennis Eggers Carey Lancaster
Becky Boggess Harriet Clark Craig Perry
Charlie Brooks Dan Grigson Stephanie Perry
Shannon Burcham Roger Himstedt Buddy Perry
Paul Carr Celia Hopson Martha Steinbeck
Jackie Clark Scott Jolly Chappell Wilson
Ronnie Cook Dave Jones Becky Woodruff
Judy Davis Wade Kadel Bob Eubanks
Mike Davis Betty Lancaster  

Committees & Contacts

Christian Education Harriet Clark
Outreach Vicky Jones
Church Growth Jim Kelley
Membership Betty Mae Lancaster
Personnel Dave Jones
Worship Becky Boggess
Property Jackie Clark
Stewardship Dennis Eggers


The Elders The Deacons

Wallace Blakeley

Dave Jones

Becky Boggess

Wade Kadel

Paul Carr

Craig Perry

Jackie Clark

Stephanie Perry

Ronnie Cook

Martha Steinbeck

Mike Davis

Chappell Wilson

Judy Davis

Charlie Brooks

Roger Himstedt

Shannon Burcham

Celia Hopson

Harriet Clark

Scott Jolly

Debbie Clark

Betty Lancaster

Dennis Eggers

Carey Lancaster

Bob Eubanks

Buddy Perry

Dan Grigson

Becky Woodruff

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